Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado the Filipino-American Community of Southern Colorado was founded by Mr. Ron Nono on January 1, 1993. On March 13, 1993 the Community elected its first officers and committee members. Officers and committee members are uncompensated volunteers and currently serve a two year term. Application for status as a non-profit organization was submitted and final approval came on August 5, 1993.

Significant History of the Filipino-American Community of Southern Colorado

The first Filipino-American organization in Colorado Springs, the Filipino-American Association, was initially started in July 1978 by several local families gathering together to celebrate special occasions. The Filipino-American Association dissolved in the summer of 1982. Because of the request of several Filipino-American families living in Colorado Springs, a survey was conducted by Mr. Ron Nono to determine if there was sufficient interest in the local community to establish a Filipino-American organization. Based upon the results of the survey, the Filipino-American Community of Southern Colorado was organized and founded on January 1, 1993. In 1995 a significant milestone was achieved by the Community with the establishment of a scholarship fund. The first scholarships were awarded in 1996 and continue to be awarded yearly.

The Filipino-American Community of Southern Colorado is a non-profit organization. There is no membership fee required to join the Community. Funding of the organization is done only by donations and fund raising events by its members. Fund raising events such as the Mrs. FIL-AM Queen pageant, the Miss. FIL-AM Queen pageant, and the Little Miss Princess pageant are the main fund raising activities sponsored by the Community.

The Community also sponsors the following annual events:
  • Independence Day (Filipino-American Friendship Day)
  • Flores de Mayo
  • Children's Christmas Celebration
  • New Years Eve Celebration
Additionally other events may be sponsored throughout the year. Please check out our events page to see what is scheduled.

Goals of the Filipino-American Community of Southern Colorado

  • To unite Filipino-American families in Colorado
  • To build stronger interpersonal relationships among Filipino-American families
  • To teach and promote the diversified cultures and customs of the Philippines to adults and children
  • To assist all newly arriving families in Colorado
  • To create a better living environment for all Filipino-American families in Colorado